When beauty isn’t about fashion, it’s about gender equality

The beauty industry has a long and rich history of being a space for women and people of color to thrive.

From makeup artists to salon owners to beauty bloggers, the beauty world is not only diverse, but also inclusive.

But, like the fashion industry, the makeup industry has struggled to be a safe space for people of all genders.

Last year, Cosmopolitan Magazine published an article about the gender wage gap, which highlights the fact that, in 2014, men make 80 percent of what women make.

But it’s not just men who are making a difference.

When it comes to making money, women are doing well.

But when it comes out of the beauty industry, women aren’t even doing well at all.

In fact, it seems as though women aren´t doing as well as they did before.

In 2017, Cosmo magazine ranked makeup as the third most expensive cosmetic surgery in the United States.

According to the Cosmetic Surgery Association of America, the median salary for a makeup artist is $47,000 a year.

But for people who don´t make a living at makeup or in the beauty business, that figure drops to $29,000.

In 2018, Cosmogazine published the fifth most expensive cosmetics line.

For women, that number dropped to $20,000 per year.

The average pay for a full-time makeup artist in the U.S. is $49,000 and the median pay for makeup artists is $36,000, according to the Cosmetics Institute.

So, while the makeup makeup industry is making a lot of money for women, it´s actually doing a poor job of protecting the rights of people of colour.

Cosmetics are a safe, affordable and easy-to-use way to transform and define the appearance of your skin.

But the makeup companies behind the line that we know as the Cosmo line are not only making a big profit, they are also using that money to promote and protect the identities of people like me, a Black woman, and my sister, Nastia, who are in the industry.

In the Cosmopolitan article, Cosmopolis reporter Amy LeVine said, Cosmetics industry leaders often make it seem like beauty is about fashion and trends.

It is about making money and not about caring for people.

And that is where they are failing.

Cosmo: A Cosmopolitan Exclusive looks at how the beauty and fashion industry is taking on racism and sexism. 

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