Black Girls with Big Black Eyes: A Tale of Transformation

Kaja, the youngest daughter of former US Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) daughter, will graduate from her high school graduation ceremony with a big bang. 

Kaja, who has a huge smile, is an accomplished musician, and her performance on stage will mark her transition from an introverted, introverted high school student to a confident and outgoing member of her class. 

On Friday, her performance will be featured in the annual Bollywood film Porso-Chore, which will be screened at the Academy Awards later this month. 

While Kaja’s graduation is a big moment for her family, the actress herself is not happy about the media’s portrayal of her as a shy, timid young woman. 

“When you see the way we’re portrayed, it’s so degrading,” Kaja told ABC News. 

In the film, Kaja portrays the family of an Indian-American mother who is working on her career. 

The film was shot in India, but Kaja said that in real life, she was an introvert, too. 

But she has had a very positive experience of living in America, especially since she has a big heart. 

She said she has been surprised at how many people have responded to her performance. 

After the film’s premiere at the Oscars, Kajas parents received messages from people who were supportive of their daughter. 

“[I] got messages from women who told me they loved my daughter and were happy for her,” Kaja said. 

Bachmann was not the only lawmaker who has spoken out against the portrayal of minorities in film and TV. 

When Bachmann first introduced a bill in the House to prohibit Hollywood from showing depictions of minorities, it was defeated by the Senate. 

Earlier this year, Bachmann said that she hopes to introduce similar legislation in the Senate as well.