When you’re beautiful, you can be pretty – and not just at night

There are those who say that the best way to be pretty is to take a shower.

In the past, we have had the option to sit in a dark room with our eyes closed, and we have enjoyed the comfort and security of knowing we can be in control of our beauty.

But as beauty becomes more sophisticated, the reality is that the sun is no longer the sole focus of our gaze, the world is full of beauty, and there are so many other things to do and think about.

There is no time to think about your skin tone or your eye colour.

You need to concentrate on your job, your loved ones, your future, your body, and the world around you. 

We need to learn to focus on the things that matter, not the things we think we should.

So why do we think it’s so important to look after our eyes, when we can just focus on our jobs? 

To be beautiful means to be aware of our environment, our surroundings, and our surroundings are just as important as our eyes.

We can’t change the environment, but we can learn to use the environment as a way to learn about ourselves and our place in the world.

If we do this, we can all be beautiful. 

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