How to find the best makeup products for a fair skin tone

Beauty products are an essential part of a person’s everyday life, but according to research from the University of Toronto, the beauty industry has a dark side.

The researchers examined the use of beauty products in the U.S. from 2007 to 2013 and found that there were far more brands of makeup and makeup-related products being advertised in the United States than in other countries.

Their findings are in the journal Beauty and the City, which is available for free download.

In particular, the researchers found that cosmetics were often advertised as being for fair skin, and that a significant number of brands used the word “fair” in the advertisements.

They found that “fairness” was more commonly used than other terms such as “beauty” or “healthy” in advertisements, which suggests that brands may be attempting to make consumers aware of the fact that their products are made with a fair amount of ingredients.

“Although we have found that consumers in the beauty product industry have a high desire to know if their products and their brands are made in a fair way, we do not know if they have an awareness of this information, or if they do not believe they should be buying cosmetics from a company that advertises this way,” said co-author Professor Sarah T. Tishman.

According to the researchers, beauty products are being marketed as “fair”, which suggests they have not been made with the same care as other brands.

While the U of T researchers acknowledge that they are concerned about this “fair-ness” advertising, the authors said it is likely that it is also because of the industry’s emphasis on making products “fair for all skin types.”

“Given the strong negative perceptions of fairness in the advertising industry, it is surprising that the advertising of products that contain the word ‘fair’ is increasing in the marketplace,” Tishmann said.

So far, cosmetics companies have not responded to the study’s findings, but the University says it is monitoring the findings and will update the study if the industry takes any action.