Sally Beauty store in France has been closed for ‘security reasons’

Sally Beauty has closed its Paris store for security reasons.

According to the company, the closure is due to a “security incident” in the city.

The company added that it is “monitoring the situation” and will “continue to cooperate with authorities” in any way possible.

The Paris department store had opened on July 25.

The closure comes less than a month after the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took Sally Beauty to task for its alleged failure to provide adequate privacy protection to customers.

Last month, the FTC issued a ruling against the beauty company after finding that Sally Beauty did not provide adequate information to its customers about its use of personal data.

The US-based beauty company, which has more than 50 stores in France, said in a statement on Friday that it was “deeply sorry” for the incident and promised to provide “all the necessary information.”

It also said that it will make all necessary changes.