‘A lot of fun’: A lot of beauty stuff at BeautyBlender’s BeautyBlend 2018 event

The BeautyBlending event is back and bigger than ever.

From makeup and skincare to hair and nail care, you’ll be able to take your beauty obsession to the next level at the 2018 event, with more than 100 beauty products on sale for $25 a pop.

It’s the perfect chance to indulge your favourite ingredients, as well as browse the big selection of beauty products in a small, intimate setting.

BeautyBlenders will also be selling a new, free beauty product for a limited time, as part of their celebration of BeautyBlEND 2018.

Beauty Blender has made it possible for the whole community to be in one place, with a single place to shop.

For the first time ever, BeautyBlends will also have its own lounge where you can relax, watch some games, and meet with other members of the community.

BeautyBlender members can shop all of the BeautyBlench 2018 products at a special BeautyBlende booth at the event.

Beautyblender is a boutique of Australian brands that have become iconic in the beauty industry.

They include CosDNA, Nourish and The Bioderma Group.

You can visit their website and Facebook to find out more about the Beautyblenders and to find more of the products on display.

For more information about BeautyBlenching, check out BeautyBlenda2018.com.au.

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