Why You Shouldn’t Buy That Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Bag

“The best thing about these sleeping bags is they don’t have any padding at all.

They’re made of a mesh fabric, so you’re not just sleeping in a tent.”

—Sarah Smith, who has three dogs and four cats, including two dogs, two cats, and a kangaroo, which she adopted from a shelter.

“They’re really lightweight.

They don’t feel like a sack.

They feel like they’re just a little bag.”

—Bianca Mascaro, who lives in the suburbs of Toronto.

“I’m a huge fan of the way it feels to be able to carry stuff around.

It’s just so versatile.

You can wear it over your clothes, in your bag, on your back, or just put it on and roll over.”

—Gianni Russo, who travels from Italy to Paris every year to see his family.

“There’s nothing worse than a bag that you’re trying to take with you but it doesn’t have a zipper.

It doesn’t fit your body.”

—Katie Burdick, who also lives in Canada.

“The sleeping bags are really sturdy and the mesh is incredibly soft.

You don’t really have to worry about anything sticking out of them.

I like that they’re soft enough to wear around with you.”

—Dawn Lipp, who is from New Jersey and lives in Massachusetts.

“It’s so versatile.”

—Samantha Soto, who recently returned from Europe, and is currently traveling with her parents in Germany.

“For me, the biggest thing is that it doesn´t feel like it’s packed with stuff.

It feels like it has a bit of room for you to take your time.”

—Randy Lattin, who moved from Hawaii to the Midwest.

“My dog loves it.”

—Tina Burt, who just got back from a three-week trip to the Bahamas with her family.

“[The sleeping bag] feels like a nice pillow to lay down on.

It is very supportive.”

—Jessica H. Walker, who loves to ride her bike around in her sleeping bag, and her husband’s.

“If you’re going to be outside in the winter and need to sleep, it´s going to work well.”

—Kelly G., who recently purchased a new pair of sleeping bags from Amazon.

“When I got them I was so happy.

I love the material and the design.”

—Melissa K., who just moved to New York and has a dog and cats.

“Honestly, the thing that’s most important to me is that the fabric is soft and that the material is so warm.

I feel like I can take it with me everywhere.”

—Michelle R., who travels with her husband from Washington to California.

“As long as I get to sleep in my sleeping bag it is going to last me a long time.”

“If I have to go back to the car, I have a sleeping bag in my car.

My husband’s car is full of stuff and we’re always packing things around us.”

—Amy R., a single mom in the Boston area.

“This bag feels so warm.”

—Jennifer S., a New York City resident who lives with her partner.

“Even though it’s a sleeping pad, it feels like there’s enough room for me to be comfortable and to sleep.”

—Jill H., who lives outside Washington, D.C., and has two dogs and a cat.

“These are the first things I’ll ever buy.”

—Lindsay L., who works from her home in the Bay Area.

“Having a sleeping mat in the car is always nice.

They do a great job of making it feel so soft.”

—Kim C., a Brooklyn resident.

“A lot of people are looking at this bag as the new queen of the bag.”—Michelle C., who is currently on a cross-country flight.

“People seem to be comparing this bag to the best sleeping bag.”

“They’ve come up with so many different types of sleeping pads.

I can’t get over the fact that this one is the best.”

—Alyssa L., a California resident.