Huda beauty brand ‘the most beautiful brand in the world’ – Bloomberg

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) Huda Beauty, the Hungarian beauty brand that went into bankruptcy in 2009 after losing a court battle to be sold, is now worth more than $100 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

The magazine’s top 10 billionaires list released Monday shows Huda is now the world’s second most valuable brand after Sephora, with $104.8 billion.

Huda’s founder, Istvan Szajdak, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in making beauty affordable for the masses in the 1980s.

He was later named chairman of the board.

Hudson, the second-largest beauty brand in Europe, is also worth $60 billion.

Its chief executive, Peter Hirsch, is a billionaire.

Hirsch, who is in his 40s, was born in Budapest and emigrated to the United States in 1972.

He is an investor in the cosmetics and fragrance industry.

Hudiks company is currently a private company and has been based in Budapest since 1996.

Its value is based on a value-added service that includes direct and indirect marketing of products and services.

The value of the company’s assets is estimated at more than 200 billion kuna (about $100.7 billion).

Its brand is still highly valued, with more than two thirds of the brands in the Forbes top 100 ranking based on the company and its brand.

Its founder died in 2015 and its shares have lost almost 40 percent of their value since then.