Ilia beauty: ‘I would have never done it’

Ilia, a beautiful Italian town in the Piedmont region, is one of the last remaining Italian towns left in the country, and is the last in Italy’s Campania region.

Ilia is situated on a rocky, marshy hilltop.

The area has been abandoned for generations by the Italian state and its citizens.

Ilias residents have been forced to rely on the local population, who live on the outskirts of town.

Ilians last remaining jobs are in construction, and most of the towns residents are unemployed.

In fact, it is difficult to find work, since Ilias unemployment rate is above 40%.

Ilia beauty: “I would never do it” Ilia, which has been in the hands of the Ilia municipality for over 70 years, has been left completely abandoned, which means that it is impossible for the residents to live.

Ilias residents have had to rely mostly on the generosity of the locals.

Ilianians last hope for the future is the development of a small town, which is a very expensive proposition for a municipality, which spends around €30,000 per year on its upkeep.

Iliaman, a small community in the town, has also suffered from the abandonment.

The community is surrounded by a dense and dangerous forest, which makes it difficult for the inhabitants to navigate the city.

Ilicam, which also is surrounded on all sides by a thick forest, has no roads, and it is not possible for the locals to get around the town without using the local bus.

Ilianian: ‘We need help from all over Europe’ Ilias inhabitants are extremely worried about the future, as the local government is not able to build a proper road for their town.

In order to get the locals’ support, Ilia Beauty is organising a walkathon on December 14.

They hope that the event will raise awareness about the problem of abandonment in Ilia.

Iliana is not the only one in Italy suffering from abandonment.

Other towns in Campania, like Calabria, Parma, Siena and Verona are also suffering from the problems of abandonment.