Ulta Beauty fridge gets a $150 million makeover

Beauty fridge maker Ulta has announced that it is adding a $250 million makeovers to its product line.

The makeover, dubbed the “Ulta Beauty Diet,” includes a new lid design, a redesigned product packaging and new packaging.

The new packaging features the brand’s logo in a retro, minimalist design.

The product line includes “Ultas” in three colors, a “Listerine” in a vibrant red, and a “Ultalife” in pink.

The new makeover is a $15 million increase from last year, and the company said that it’s the largest ever makeover of an existing product.

The change comes just one month after it reported a $1.4 billion quarterly profit and a $2 billion loss.

The makeover will also include a $50 million buyback program.

The Ulta company is one of the largest brands in the world, with a total market value of $4.5 billion.