How to celebrate the Queen’s birthday on the BBC with this simple art piece

A simple white and black mural painted on a wall in a church in London has become a tourist attraction, with the painting of the monarchs face on the wall making it one of the most popular pieces of artwork on display.

The mural was created by artist Simon Scott and was painted on the church’s door by the artist, who said the painting was inspired by the Queen.

“The mural is an incredibly simple painting, but it was so much more,” said Mr Scott, whose work has been featured on the walls of several churches in the city.

“It’s the kind of thing that’s easy to look at, it’s very simple, it can be made by anyone, so it’s not something that you have to look very hard at to see.”

The mural has also been seen by the National Trust’s National Gallery in London, which opened the doors to the painting in 2013.

The Queen is a popular tourist attraction in London as she is a favourite to see.

A visitor takes a selfie with a painting of her face by artist and photographer Simon Scott, on the back wall of St Paul’s Church in London.

The artwork was created in 2009, and has now been on display at the National Gallery of Victoria in London for a decade.

It was first exhibited in 2004 and it’s been on view there ever since.

The painting is one of only a handful of public displays of the Queen on the grounds of St James’s Palace, which is in central London, since the monarchy’s foundation in 1952.

The artist said it was a “little bit like a giant wall painting”.

“It is a little bit like the painting by Claude Monet of the Garden of Tranquillity, but more realistic,” he said.

“I was a little surprised that it didn’t just come off the wall and sit there and just stand there for a while, I was a bit worried.”

He said the mural would go on view again when the Queen died.

“She’s the Queen of all the people, it has to go on display somewhere, it was part of her legacy, so that’s why she has that right,” he added.

“That is why I want it to go back to the National Art Gallery.”

We’re trying to get it back there.

“The Royal Family is celebrating their 90th birthday on April 10.

The paintings by the artists were commissioned for the National Theatre, and the painting has been on the display at Westminster Abbey since 2014.

It was on display in 2012 when the painting became one of England’s most famous works of art.

The National Theatre will close for the next seven years after it has been refurbished and reopened.