Which beauty blogger has the most ‘beautiful’ followers?

You might be thinking ‘wow, you must be one of those beautiful women who posts gorgeous nude photos of themselves, but that’s it’.

But not everyone is a beauty addict.

Some are simply happy to share a little fun with their followers, while others just want to be recognised for the beautiful things they are.

Here are the best beauty bloggers to follow in 2018.


Boudewijn Rijkshuizen Boudelie – Boudenjieveen – Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States Boudeenjievieveenaar Blogspot Aged 32, Boudeewijn is the blogger behind the blog.

She is a professional photographer who is currently based in Belgium.

The Instagram account, Boodewijn Bouder, is also full of beauty-related photos.

Boodeewijeveen.com Boudwijn Brouwers blog has become quite popular since the beginning of 2018, with her Instagram account posting hundreds of shots every day.

Her beauty-focused blog is also the only place to see her full-size photos and videos of herself.

Brouewijn also features a range of other content, including her latest videos on her website, which are a mix of candid, lifestyle-themed videos and fashion-themed photos.

Instagram – boudewiendboudewijerblogspot.com 2.

Lauren Korte – Instagram – LaurenKorte.com Lauren Kors, a beauty blogger, is a Dutch beauty blogger based in the Netherlands.

Lauren is a makeup artist who is also a beauty enthusiast.

Her Instagram page features her daily posts on beauty and lifestyle.

She regularly posts photos of herself on her blog.

Instagram LaurenKors.com 3.

Joanna Tewkes – Instagram LaurenTewkes.com Joanna is a British beauty blogger who was born in Wales and raised in the UK.

Her blog features a mix for women and men who want to find out more about their skin and beauty.

Instagram Joannatewkesblog.com 4.

Shanna Brown – Instagram ShannaBrown.com Shanna is the founder of Shanna’s Beauty Blog and a beauty consultant.

ShannysBeauty Blog has more than 300 photos and posts and features a wide range of posts on the health, beauty and personal care fields.

Instagram ShannyBeautyBlog.com 5.

Kaitlyn Tressel – Instagram KaitlyTressel.com Kaitlin is a blogger and social media manager who has created a unique beauty blog with a focus on skin care and skincare.

The beauty blog, KaitlinsBeauty.com, features photos, reviews and a daily beauty column.


Nacho Boudou – Instagram NachoBoudou.com Nacho is a fashion and beauty blogger.

His Instagram is filled with images of him as a young boy with a doll in his hands.

NachosBeauty and NachoBeauty is a collection of his pictures, videos, blog and a range in his other content.

Instagram NachaosBeauty blog 7.

Kristina Kolles – Instagram KristinaKolles.com Kristina is a personal stylist based in Germany.

She shares her own personal style and personal style guides.

KristineBeautyAndDesigns.com 8.

Jana Krasilova – Instagram JanaKrasilovasbeauty.net Jana is a Russian beauty blogger with a passion for personal style.

JANA is a self-taught beauty blogger and blogger herself, who is the only Russian woman in the top 10 beauty bloggers in 2018 with a Twitter followership of more than 35,000.

Instagram JANA.com 9.

Emma Hirschberg – Instagram EmmaHirschberg.com Emma is the owner of EmmaHsBeauty Magazine and is the first Russian female beauty blogger to be awarded the 2018 International Beauty Award for her work in the field of personal style, which she was named for.

Emma’s BeautyBlog is also known for its informative blog posts.

EmmaHandsBeautyNews.com 10.

Joana Gomes – Instagram JoanaGomes.com In 2018, Joana was crowned the 2018 European Beauty Blogger of the Year.

JoanasBeautynews.com Instagram JoannaGomesBeautyMagazine 11.

Tanya Tinsley – Instagram TanyaTinsley.com Tanya is a designer and beauty expert.

TanyasBeautyOnline.com has over 15,000 followers on Instagram and shares beauty and beauty-themed content.


Tiana Hirst – Instagram TianaHirst.com Tanya is the sister of British beauty and wellness blogger Tanya Hirst.

ToyaHirstbeautyNewsBlog.co.uk 13. Katlyn B