Sallys beauty salons website gets ‘trendy’ new logo, and it looks pretty good too!

Sally’s beauty salon has received a redesign in its new logo that is a bit different from its previous one.

The website is now called Sally’s Salon, which is an allusion to its sister company, Sally Beauty, which was founded in 2012.

The new logo also features a pink “Sally’s” logo on the left-hand side, a pink triangle and the word “SALON”.

The website also has a new website template, which you can check out in full below.

The revamped website is also free and will continue to work as before.

The company has been receiving feedback from users and has been working on making it more appealing to users.

We will have a review of the new Sally’s Beauty Salon website and app shortly, so stay tuned.

The brand also announced a brand new brand new product for 2016, Sally’s Fresh, which includes a “smoother, fresher, more nourishing and more beautiful skin” formula.

Sally’s new beauty saloon website, app and brand new beauty products are now live at the following locations.

Sallys Salon, Bangalore, IndiaSally Beauty, Bangalore-9079 Sellacamp, Bengaluru, IndiaCafe Naveen, Chennai-94718 Dilip Kumar, Kolkata-9898 Jyotirakshmi, Bengalururu-9626 Sampalu, Bengalurovipalli-9020 The company has also started a new brand of beauty products called the new “Sallie’s” that has a more natural appearance.

It comes with a pink-coloured lip gloss and a pink, purple, green and orange shade of lipstick.