How to buy beautiful asscoins in the ICO section

Beautiful asses, beauty dior and beauty animals are among the new ICOs to launch this week, and they’re offering a great deal of value to investors.

The beauty asses, for example, are listed on the Ethereum Classic exchange and can be purchased for just 10 ETC.

Beauty diors are listed in the Binance exchange, and can sell for up to 1,000,000 ETC per unit.

Beauty animals, meanwhile, are available on the Bittrex exchange and offer a price of up to $1,200 per head.

There are a few other beauty ICOs available, such as beauty asscoins, beauty dogs, beauty assholes and beauty dorias.

The beauty ass, for instance, is listed on Ethereum Classic, Binance and CoinJar.

You can find out more about the beauty ass coins and beauty pets on their respective websites.

Beautiful animals and beauty dogs will also be available on Bittox and Ethereum Classic.

To learn more about these ICOs, check out the full ICO schedule on the ETHNews website.