How to get the perfect outfit in 2019

The best way to dress for 2019 is to have the right makeup.

That means getting that perfect shade of blue eyeshadow, the perfect lipstick and a makeup brush that’s made of the same materials as the rest of your makeup collection.

“If you have that, you’re going to be really chic and sexy,” says Shari Dyson, owner of Baskets Beauty Supply in Ottawa.

“There are some great makeup artists in the country right now that are bringing out new shades of colors.”

For Dyson’s clientele, that means the latest shades of brown lipstick, blue eyes and bronzer.

“You’re going have to look a little bit different and a little more feminine and sophisticated and then you’re still going to look beautiful,” Dyson says.

Dyson, who is also a fashion consultant, is passionate about makeup and knows how to make it as easy as possible for you to get that perfect look.

Dyson says that, on her business card, you can check out how to wear any shade of lipstick.

“It gives you a little idea of what you’re looking for, and it will help you in your makeup shopping.”

For anyone who has ever struggled to find the perfect shade for their face, Dyson is here to help.

“What I would say is to look at your lips and see how they feel and the color you want to apply,” Dyer says.

“Then you can really try a variety of different lip colors.”

So Dyson suggests you wear a variety, starting with a lighter lip color, then a darker one, and finally a bolder one.

“There’s a lot of great makeup for you and it’s a little different every day.”

Dyson says she loves seeing people wearing makeup that is unique and fun.

“The beauty world is so beautiful.

There’s no formula that works for everyone.

It’s all about what works for you.”

Dyer’s advice for shoppers is simple: “Don’t get caught up in looking good.

Just be yourself.”