How the Oilers are turning around and turning the corner, for better or worse

By BRIAN DAGANAssociated PressBELLEVILLE, Ontario (AP) — The Edmonton Oilers are a team that’s never been the same since taking over a locker room full of players who were there for the winningest team in NHL history.

It’s been a long road.

But now the Oilers have a chance to turn it around with another title under their belts and the best record in the league.

“I’m very happy.

I think it’s a very proud moment for this organization,” head coach Todd McLellan said.

“You want to be on the right side of history.

I’m very proud of the way the organization has handled itself.”

McLellan was the coach of the Detroit Red Wings for four seasons, winning the Stanley Cup in 2009 and then led the Oilers to their first Stanley Cup since 1993.

He won a championship in 2012 with the Oilers but has been on the hot seat ever since.

McLillan, who had one year left on his contract and a $4.8 million cap hit next season, was fired by the Red Wings last month after the team finished last in the NHL in goals, points and goals-against.

The Wings were the defending Stanley Cup champions but the Oilers lost in the second round to the Bruins.

McLeod has been with the organization for eight years and took over a team full of young players who’ve all been on good teams for a long time.

The Oilers have the best young talent in the National Hockey League.

“They are doing the right things,” said Derek Stepan, a center on the Oilers’ top line.

“They have great management and they are doing things the right way.

They’ve been able to do it and they’re going to continue to do so.

I love it here.”

Stepan has three goals and eight points in eight games with the Ducks.

He scored twice on Saturday in a 4-2 win over the Calgary Flames and had three assists.

The Oilers have been on a roll.

They have a team scoring average of 2.54 goals per game, and have five players in the top 20 in scoring with nine each on the top 10.

They are also No. 1 in the League in shot percentage and are fourth in goals against.

They’ve had to play a lot of shorthanded games, and they’ve been more than happy to go down the power play.

They’re going against the best teams in the division,” McLellans son and Edmonton Oilers head coach Ryan McLellanic said.

The Ducks had the second-best power play in the Eastern Conference last season with a .879.

They’re second in the Central with a 1.077 and fifth in the West with a 2.17.

McLean was happy to have his son back.”

We’ve had great success in Anaheim so I think this is a very positive thing for him and we look forward to having him back.””

He’s very focused on his job, which is getting us to the Stanley.

We’ve had great success in Anaheim so I think this is a very positive thing for him and we look forward to having him back.”

McLeod is a veteran of the NHL with 14 seasons as a head coach.

He spent 11 years in the Boston Bruins’ organization and had five seasons in Edmonton.

Mclellan had been with Boston from 1993-1999 and had two years left on a contract that was worth $4 million next season.

He also had five years in Edmonton, winning a Stanley Cup with the franchise in 2002.

McNeill, a three-time Stanley Cup winner, had a 10-22-4 record in 11 seasons with the Bruins, Bruins, Panthers and Oilers.

He had three seasons in Calgary, winning two Stanley Cups with the Calgary Hitmen.

He has one NHL playoff victory to his name.

McNeil was fired in 2014 by the Panthers after the Panthers had a 6-11-0 record and finished last.

He had one playoff win in Calgary.

McConnell, a former Carolina Hurricanes defenseman, had three playoff wins in seven seasons with Edmonton and was fired following a disappointing season.

McConnaugh was a member of the Dallas Stars from 2006-07 and had a 19-20-5 record in eight seasons.

He coached the Lightning from 2009-13 and won the Stanley Championship with the Lightning.

McClendon was a part-time coach for the Rangers for six seasons from 2007-10 and was the assistant coach for three years with the Edmonton Oilers.

McConnell has won three Stanley Cups in Edmonton and one in Tampa Bay.

McDermott, who played with the Tampa Bay Lightning for two seasons, has been a head coaching candidate for the Edmonton franchise since the Oilers hired him in 2012.

He was fired after the season in which the Oilers had the league’s worst record at 16-26-6.

McMahon was a head assistant coach with the Montreal Canadiens for